Monday, April 20, 2009

Disneyland 2009!

I think we've probably used this title before. I believe this was the 10th visit to Disneyland in the last four years. Good times, good memories, super fun. Its always a blast taking someone for the first time. Silas was no exception. This kid has NO FEAR! None! Space Mountain? Bring it on! He love every minute of it. When we got home he asked if we could go back to our "other house" because he liked it better. Boy after my own heart, loves traveling and adventure.

Travis came along of course, I think there has only been one or two trips he hasn't been on with us. He's our "oldest son", the older brother Nichol always wanted, the extra set of hands that's always helpful, and a blast to hang with! We love Travis!

Not much else to say that pictures won't do better. Enjoy!
Walking down to the Land.

Princess Castle - yes I chopped off the bottom cause I didn't like all the people messing up my picture. ;)

First ride of the day. Pirates of the Caribbean.

The traditional Mr. Toads Car picture...we have it from every trip. Love it.

Can't forget THE picture.


Christy. said...

Cute, cute pictures!

Holli said...

SO fun!
My kids have never been and my HUSBAND has never been- to ANY disney! Sad I know!:)
We will get there someday!

Amy said...

Fun pictures! We are taking S to Disneyworld this summer and are pretty excited! He might be a smidge young to fully enjoy it... but my parents are taking us, so we can't argue. :)

When are you guys moooooving? Remember that one time you wanted me to give you more details about Colorado Springs because you were going to maybe move there? And now look... you aren't moving anywhere close to Colorado! I guess its a good things i kept forgetting to email you about that.:)

emily said...

So much fun!!

Missionary Hicks said...

I tried to get 'Liv to tell me about the trip. She just shrugged. I asked her if it was fun. She just nodded and smiled. A girl of few words.

PraisinYahweh said...

How fun! Love the pictures. J has never been, and we are thinking of taking her this summer. :) I am glad that you all were able to spend some magical time together!