Monday, March 16, 2009

Softball, Football, Bowling, Photography & Chalk.

I can't believe how quickly our kids are changing. It seems I notice a change in them almost daily. I've been meaning to keep my camera out more, use it on a daily basis and capture even the simplest of moments. Hard to believe by the end of this year we'll have two middle schoolers, a second grader, and a five year old. Where does the time go?!? I guess this is the new face of Nichol. Seriously.

Not another picture PLEASE!
Then there was bowling. So. Much. Fun.
Silas' first time at the bowling alley - it was so funny to see him get all excited, fall down with each rolling of the ball, and every time ask if he'd won.
David and I took turns helping the littles. Olivia was tickled to come in third place in BOTH games.

Did I win did I win? Look at those cute boys with cute shoes.
Somehow I managed to get only shoe shots of the older two. Maybe cause they were pro's at the game and didn't get so excited with every pin hit. ;) Good times good times.

It appears from the title of this post that we're making up for lost time in the sports department! Maybe we are. Our two oldest children have decided they are VERY interested in playing sports. Peer pressure, finally deciding it might be fun, years of parent pushing, whatever it is they are now a bit obsessed. Skyler wants to play football. Now, you all can tell from the pictures our skinny boy isn't exactly looking like the next quarterback. However, he can still play football and if he's fast he can make up for his lack of bulk no problem. :) He's dedicated and practicing daily. Look at his little brother giving him a run for it!

Nichol has joined a softball team and had her first practice last week. She told us that her friends were playing and she wanted to give it a try. A little nervous, not wanting her to have her feelings hurt if she wasn't a PERFECT player (because we all know she'd have to be perfect in Nichol-land - said ever so lovingly of course) we signed her up. She did GREAT! Her coach is wonderful, the team is SO sweet about her first time playing and she already has the nick name rookie. It was a lot of fun watching her bloom as she took her practice so seriously. We're so proud of her. Go Team! I love this picture. Seeing my sweet husband teaching his oldest daughter some softball tricks.
Olivia and Silas aren't quite up to par in the ball catching department. We've decided Olivia will make a great whiny cheerleader and Silas will make an AWESOME wide receiver. That kid is made for sports! Stay tuned for the gymnastics post to come soon. To keep them occupied while we practice with the older two we hauled out the sidewalk chalk. Perfect plan!


Tara said...

Aw, lots of fun families times! I love that!
Also, "the new face of Nichol" made me laugh out loud. I love that she's coppin' the 'tude. :) Too funny.

Christy. said...

Yeah, I loved seeing your past few weeks in pictures! I think we may have to take the kids bowling, it looks like SO much fun!

Elissa Hill said...

You guys look like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing.