Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Suubi Beads Are In Da House!! - UPDATED!

WOW! In less then 18 hours ALL of the multi-colored necklaces are gone! I will be getting more in but it may take a week or two. In the mean time I'll take pictures of the chokers so you can see those as well. I might just get a wee boy to "model" them for me too. :) Love them. A big thank you to everyone that has purchased necklaces so far. This is an incredible ministry that I'm honored to help out.
They arrived today and they are GORGEOUS! All proceeds go back to Light Gives Heat and the Ugandan women who made these beautiful necklaces. I've taken pictures of each of the necklaces - they are all unique and amazing in their own way. I love all of them for different reasons. Beautiful!! Perfect for gifts, each necklace comes boxed with a message on the back about the women who make them. It doesn't get much better then that. A beautiful necklace and a great cause.

Here are the pictures. All necklaces have screw on barrel closure, the long beaded necklaces are approximately 24 inches in length. They are all gorgeous yet uniquely different. The long beaded necklaces measure I'll post a number by each picture for identifying the necklace you'd like to purchase. Shipping shouldn't be more then $3 each. Paypal or personal checks are fine. Email me here: if your interested.

This one is black and white but its a little darker with some shades of yellow, small black beads surround it. $20

Black & White #1

This is another black and white that is incredibly light with black smaller beads in between. $20
Black & White #2
- SOLD! Thanks Lisa!

Black and white choker - I love this!!! $10 I also have the choker in plain black, and turquoise like the ones pictured in my original post. Also $10.

This black and white long beaded necklace has more black then white, its beautiful! $20
Black & White #3

This black and white one has legible words. Beautiful with black accent beads. $20
Black & White #4

And the multi-colored beads!! These are my FAVORITE!!! I love them all! Each one unique and different. $20 each.

Multi-colored #1 - SOLD! Thanks Angela S.

Multi-colored #2 - SOLD Thanks Lisa!

Multi-colored #3 - SOLD Thanks Stacey!

Multi-colored #4 - SOLD! Thanks Angie!
Multi-colored #5 - $20 SOLD - Thanks Angie!!


Sarah said...

Yay!!! I love Suubi necklaces!! I'm glad you were able to get hooked up with them. I still have to put in another order...I keep getting asked if I have more. Good luck with selling them! :)

Christy. said...

I LOVE the multi-colored ones. I might have to add it to my Bday list for Jeff...

steffany said...

Can I pick up I multi colored one this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I want multi colored #1!

Anonymous said...

I would like 2 of the muti-colored necklaces!! I like #1 and #5 (the last one) best!!


Rebecca said...

Those are beautiful! I think the multi colored are my favorite too.

Gwen Oatsvall said...

Love Them ... Katie gave me a set made by the women in her villages ... I am honored to wear it and it allows me to share more about the amazing people of Africa ...

mama becca said...

Hi Erica,
I'm sportin' my own beads right now... some good friends of mine lived right down the street from the bead makers' facility in Uganda :). LOVE Suubi. And, thanks for your comment. I really appreciated it. I know I can be strange, strong, "out there", controversial, whatever in my thoughts. But my hope in being so transparent is to help myself (and hopefully others? not sure) understand the actual heart of God, through scripture that is not wrongly interpreted by misguided (sometimes) american Christianity. So anyway, thank you. I know not everyone will agree, but we can at least think more deeply together, I suppose.
with love