Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Divine Appointment.

Recently David and I were on a date, we popped in at Starbucks, the one inside our local Barnes and Noble. I have a habit of being very aware of my surroundings. Call it too much CSI or Law and Order but I try to take mental notes of small details, you know, just in case.

As we were standing in line, two women in front of us, the cafe area was rather full and there were several people behind us. A young man was pacing back and forth, getting closer to the cafe area, holding a book. He was obviously burdened with something and something in my spirit was on alert, not sure why at the time. David was paying attention to our spot in line, he's a dude, dudes don't pay attention to details like the guy pacing across the way. As the young man got closer he finally stopped, looked down at his book, and said UMM, UHHH, AHHH, UH, UH ANYONE in here a Uh Uh Christian? He didn't speak quietly.

The place went silent.
As it was registering in my brain I said "We are". He walked over to us and asked for a book review. He'd read some John Eldridge books including Wild At Heart and wanted to know if the latest book he picked up was okay to read. It said something about Gods Justice on the back and he wasn't sure it was something he should read. Luckily David was familiar with the book, I sure wasn't. We talked a couple minutes and as quickly as he came in he left.

The couple behind us thought they were whispering but in a silent place whispers can be heard. Listening to people talk about you when your standing right there is kind of interesting. The best part is that it made everyone in that place think. We'd just made a spectacle out of ourselves by acknowledging publicly that we were followers of Christ. I was so encouraged by this new Christians boldness, he was seeking an answer and didn't know where to turn. In the middle of a book store/coffee shop he boldly asked for a Christian to step forward. AWESOME! I pray for that kind of an attitude.

I left Starbucks challenged. Challenged to be more bold. Challenged to be more aware of opportunities. David and I were affected so deeply by this encounter. Totally a God ordained moment. Thank you Father.

I encourage each of you to be ready to stand. Be aware of those around you. You never know when God will ask you to help someone out. Even in Starbucks. ;)


Susanz Place said...

Praise the Lord - looks like God sure gave you all guidance in what 2009 will be for you - this is an amazing story thank you for sharing.....and yes you better start preparing that meal for March ;0) I'll bring the queso - I do make the best homemade queso

Aaron was really really bummed that he STILL after all the trips has not meet Silas

see you soon

Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I had goosebumps while reading that! Thats so Awesome!

Christy. said...

That is such a cool experience!
It's "funny" that you talk about this now because I have been thinking a lot about this topic. I am reconnecting with a lot of old friends from junior high and high school on Facebook. It is bold for me to be so open about my faith because I was not on fire for the Lord during that time in my life. So far I have reconnected with two gals that have both lost their moms this past year. I really believe that God has brought them back in my life to show them Jesus' love and help them through this tough time adjusting and grieving. Neither one of them, I believe, are believers.
God is great and I am amazed daily at how much He is in the details....

angie said...

wow...that gave me chills :)

I Love Purple More Than You said...

Wow. What an awesome experience God gave you! Very cool!

Nicholas said...

Goosebumps - I love it!

God's Girl said...

Wow! God set up a great stage for learning and growing! He so cares for all the details and I love that!

Chelsea said...

That's awesome! God used both of you; you to say that you are Christians, and your husband because he'd read the book. God's timing-and all the details-are perfect.

Julie said...

I am so inspired by your story. God has been pressing that same message on my be more aware of the needs around me and potential opportunities to be used. Often I'm moving too fast to notice. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

ERICA - WOW!!!!!!!!!

Ok, that scenario has many symbolic things in it.

You will deny Me three times Peter.

Deny Me before men and I will deny you before My Father.

What if this young man wanted to harm you for claiming your faith in Christ? What if? Would you still stand? Is what came to my mind.

We should all have this boldness and joy to let others know and hear about Christ. I say AMEN! As a fairly new believer myself - we need WORD feed mature Christians to step up and disciple those who have just come to their faith. We need more Christians to turn from being lukewarm and be on fire for Him everywhere they go - because just like your coffee stop exchange - you never know who you will meet that needs to be directed onto His path. Not into broken theology or man's idea about God - but straight to God.

Sorry off my soap box - this just spirred in me lots of neat thoughts and the Holy Spirit really spoke to my heart while reading. Again AMEN!

Hugs Erica and Dave! Great witness!


The Taylor Family said...

Awesome move on your part. You may not realize it, but you and your blogging are a constant encouragement to this sister in Christ.

Unknown said...

Amazing...see it's a good thing to be 'aware' of your surroundings !)How awesome!! You know what's funny..our kids would never hestite to scream "I'm a Christian"...why do we hestiate?