Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas & New Years 2008/2009

In an effort to stay caught up I'm posting it all in one. :)

The week of Christmas we packed up our little family and headed up North to our home state of Oregon. It was good to visit with family and for Silas to experience his first Christmas with our entire family. It was great! Lots of snow, something not common in mass quantities for those parts of the state. We had no trouble getting through the mountains and didn't even need chains! Thank you Jesus!

We arrived and stayed pretty close to home base not really wanting to play slip and slide with my truck. Managed to go to the store, the outlet mall, but mostly stayed at the inlaws. It was even too cold to smile!

The following day we did manage to get out and go surprise some friends. They didn't know we were coming and the video below depicts the response perfectly.

Followed by "Are you kidding me" and a host of tears. We love you Abbotts! It was a blast to see the look on your face, even better to surprise Damon, sorry we made him mad first. ;)

We spent Christmas Eve with my Dad, he did snow angels with the kids the day before and we took pictures of course.

We talked about life, the kids opened their stockings and we just enjoyed eachothers company.

Liv and Papa taking a snooze. Or pretending to.

Christmas Day we went over to Davids brothers, surprising the little cousins with our arrival. Then we all headed off to Davids grandparents farm for time with them, his grandfather isn't well and couldn't make it out of the house. This was the scene across the way. The kids ran around and had snowball fights,

then inside for a gift exchange.

TEN little cousins!
Lots of snow, lots of food, much fun was had by all.

Spending time with friends and family, making memories, and just being. We treasured every moment.

Some things never change. Crazy husbands, good times, lots of fun.
"A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more."

Precious time with friends. It wasn't long enough!

New Years Eve we spent playing Guitar Hero World Tour as a family. SO SO fun!

Silas and Daddy, the singers.

Yeah so we're old. We don't look as chipper at midnight!

But then again....neither do the kids.
Good Night everyone!


Brandi said...

What GREAT pictures! Can WE come next year? That was gorgeous.

looks like a blast too.


Christy. said...

So you HAVE to blow up the farm picture, it is amazing! That last picture of Silas in hysterical!!

Sarah said...

oh man! That was great! Love all the pics! I was starting to cry again, then saw the pic of silas at the end and couldn't stop laughing! Love you all!!

God's Girl said...

Looks so pretty there! I loved seeing all of your great pics.

Thanks for sharing! Looks like you and the Abbott's had a great time.

BTW... you don't look old at midnight. : )