Wednesday, January 14, 2009

9 Days to Departure!

To God be ALL glory honor and praise!

I'm amazed! We've gotten several donations, lots of little girl clothes! Some cloth diapers, rubber pants, g diaper covers, and some socks. Formula is high on the needs list and I've gotten one can as well as a donation to buy about 5 more double cans. A friend is also working to get one of the formula reps to donate so we'll see. :) God is definitely at work! I am honored to be apart. I'm in awe of the generosity of His people. I'm honored to be able to hand deliver all of these items.

This is definitely a walk of faith. To see the Lord work in Sarah's heart and take a leap of faith to raise the funds to go with me is incredible. She has raised $600 in just 24 hours! She still needs another $1200 in the next 48 hours to make this happen. I've watch as God has worked every little detail out. I called our trip leader today to make sure she could room with Rachael and I, he said there were three people in our room and four beds. AMAZING. Sarah called to get an appointment for shots. She's going in tomorrow morning at 8am. Only God. Prayerfully she'll have the funds to buy her ticket by Friday morning. I keep watching her ticket to see if there's still space. So far so good!! God is at work in a big big way.

Today my sweet husband called to tell me his boss called and he had work through May. Yet again the Lord knew my heart. We have been preparing for a layoff mid February because of the market. God knew it was in the back of my mind. I wasn't fretting, it was just something that was there. I know God will supply all of our needs. I'm so thankful that He saw fit to let me know before I left that I won't come home to an unemployed husband.

That was the good part.

Davids leaving next Wednesday for Texas. Am I upset? Did I cry? NO! I laughed! God saw fit to calm my heart but he also thought I could handle four kids, two airport runs, and packing for a trip to Ethiopia alone. David will be back Thursday night. I leave Friday morning. God is in the details.

I'll be posting an updated specific donations list tomorrow morning. Thank you all for praying as the Lord weaves this trip to His good and His glory.


emily said...

He is indeed in the details my friend. I'm really excited and proud of you. What an incredible opportunity and adventure that lies before you. I can't wait to see the many ways the Lord moves.

Sarah said...

I'm pretty sure when we meet up, I'm gonna scream, then cry, then scream again. God is AMAZING!!

Brandi said...

Whohoo! God is so good! I can't wait to hear more!


I Love Purple More Than You said...

Wow, God really is in the details, isn't He?

You can do it. I know you can! And praise God you won't be coming home to an unemployed husband!