Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend & Silas-ism's

This past week has been busy. Crazy busy at times. We've had some good times. David and I worked the huge concession stand at the NASCAR races this last weekend, SO MUCH FUN! Seriously a blast. We'll be doing it again in the spring for sure. We even saw little bits of the race which was a first for both of us. Kinda cool and I even know Jimmy Johnson is the guy that won. Thats about all I know about NASCAR but yeah.

Moving on.

I always said with each child I would make sure I had just as many pictures, just as much written in their baby books, I wasn't going to be one of "those" moms. I'm one of those moms. Yes, poor Silas doesn't have near the baby book Liv does, Liv doesn't have near the baby book Skyler does, and Skyler's got nothing on Nichol. I'm pretty okay in the picture department for the most part. Granted digital has helped with that along the way.

This blog will eventually become a book and that makes me feel better. I figure with that I should include the funny things this wee boy says.

About a week ago I took Silas in for a professional "do". We are experimenting with some new styles before we decide what works for him. He hates his daily pick sessions but doesn't want to cut his hair. So we did braids this time. It wasn't pretty. The poor kid cried. :( I felt so bad but through his tears he kept telling me how much he loved braids. Chocolate and suckers did wonders. Its so cute! Next up - corn rows! Of course I took pictures - check them out below.

Before - sportin' a good fro! Scuse the apple mouth.


And the Silas-ism's.

After our long day out and some trauma to the melon Silas had much to tell his daddy when we got home.

After seeing one of these big dinosaurs at Costco the following conversation took place at home.

Daddy: Silas, did you see a big dinosaur today?

Silas: Yes.

Daddy: Was it really big?

Silas: Yes.

Silas: But I could beat him up.

Daddy and the rest of the house: Belly laughs.

Silas is a funny kid, his thought process is far beyond most three year olds. I don't remember my other kids back talking at three. Silas back talks, argues his point like a lawyer, and is learning that he's not in charge despite what he may think. This last week he ended absolutely every statement with "Or something like that". "Mom are we going to the park? Or something like that." "Dad are you making dinner, or something like that"? "Skyler did you clean your room or something like that"? Hilarious.

And a week after the "do". Here's our amazing boy!


I Love Purple More Than You said...

I LOVE that hair!!! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! He looks SO old!!! I love the cute things they pick up. Titus' phrase is: That's a good idea. As in, "Mom, are you making dinner? Oh, that's a good idea!"

Anonymous said...

That is SO funny. I love the Silas-isms. And the hair..oh my...seriously, can he GET any cuter?!?

Lauren said...

The dinosaur comment was funny! Oh and I love the 'do, he was talking about it lots when he was here. Cutie, that's for sure.

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

Hey, we were at the Saturday race- was a first for us too!! What booth were you at?
Silas is so cute, I think any "do" would work for him! I love his braids. And the things he says, cracks me up!!

God's Girl said...

He is such a cutie! I had fun with him at the Children's Ministry fellowship night. What a gift he is....

My Blessed Life said...

He is so cute with his little braids. He has brought so much joy into your house. I can't wait to see what his next new DO will be.

Sarah said...

ROTFLMBO!!! HA HA HA! I miss that kid so much with his quick wit! I hope today was grand, and that you guys took lots o' pics! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with you all. Miss ya!

Christy. said...

He makes me smile!!!
I love his braids, my favorite are the swirlies he had in when he came over.