Sunday, November 16, 2008

Orphan Sponsorship You & Me. Us.

I posted about the amazing opportunity to sponsor a child through Children's Hope Chest right here. David and I are so excited about this!! If you are considering joining with us or have more questions please email me at or contact Amy who is organizing the online sponsorship team at Amy needs to know by tomorrow if you'd like to commit to helping with this project so she can move forward with the Children's Hope Chest team to identify an orphanage we can take on. If your still not sure after reading the posts circulating the blogging community please take the time to watch this amazing video. The Children's Hope Chest team went over to Ethiopia a few weeks ago to identify orphanages for sponsorship, this video is just a small taste of the children's lives you'll be affecting. This is truly an amazing opportunity to make a difference in a childs life.

You think this is too much of a commitment? $34 bucks a month? Do you know what that equates to?

Making a life or death difference in a child's life or.....

7 Starbucks coffee's
1 Dinner for a couple at Olive Garden
1 Tank of gas in your little car
1 Shirt from Gap
1/2 a pair of jeans at Abercrombie
2 CD's that you probably don't need

When you start putting into perspective how rich we as Americans are this opportunity is truly a no brainer. All of these things are luxeries that you and I can truly do without. I challenge anyone reading my blog to consider sponsoring a child through Children's Hope Chest today. Don't wait. You know its worth it and being able to connect with your blogging community and meet the needs of a child is truly an incredible opportunity. You and I CAN make a difference. Lets do it together!

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Missionary Hicks said...

I was just wondering what you would do with 1/2 a pair of Keep up the good work! I love your passion for orphans! It's inspiring.