Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Lori Lu tagged me recently and I was certain I had no quirks. I asked my sweet wonderful amazing hubby if I did and I'd never heard such laughter come from a grown man. Seriously you'd think I just told the best joke ever. Whatev - he doesn't know what he's talking about.

After a LONG time of thinking about anything that could possibly be seen as odd or weird or random I came up with these.

1. I only eat brown and yellow M&M's. Its really frustrating when some of the bags of peanut butter (the ONLY kind of M&M) M&M's only have a few of these colors. My kids love it though. Its not weird, I just don't like the others as much. And no brown and yellow are not my favorite colors. My husband lovingly picks all the brown and yellow ones out now instead of laughing at me and eating them. He also tells the kids they can't eat them.

2. I am a constant re-arranger. Drives my husband crazy. I don't like things to stay looking the same All. The. Time. Even if it means just moving furniture. Its a sickness, I even make lists of ways I could re-arrange things and what I'd need to buy to get a new "look". Please don't laugh or think I'm a freak. Okay so maybe I know I am and I just don't need it pointed out.

3. I love cooking and I make menus of choices so I can feel all cool and stuff. I even keep a list of everything I have stocked in my pantry and freezer. One time my friends husband found my list hanging inside the pantry and made fun of me. That's not nice you know. Kinda of makes weird freaky people like me all self conscious. So now I keep it hidden on my computer and I update it as needed.

4a. I don't like meat. Nope, I was a total vegetarian for six years and started eating a bit of boneless skinless chicken breast after my husband whined that he didn't like eating separate meals. Big baby. I won't touch red meat or pork. Couldn't pay me enough. Well maybe if I was on survivor and was SURE to win a million bucks then maybe. But probably not.

4b. I still don't eat anything ground up. Nope, no sausage, no hot dogs, no hamburger, no ground chicken, no ground turkey, no ground pork, nothing. Sick sick sick. Have you seen what goes in that stuff? GROTESQUE! I'm thinking I saw too much at the butcher shop as a child. Guess that's what my dad gets for choosing that line of work. Doesn't keep him from asking me every time he see's me if I've started eating beef yet. Sorry Dad. Never.

5. I love the beach. Miss it so much. We used to go at least 10 times a year when we lived in Oregon. I've only been once this whole year.

6. I don't collect anything. I collect Starbucks Mugs from all over the world. I collect nothing because its not a collection if you use it. To me a collection is a pile of useless stuff. Therefore I collect nothing.

7a. If I find something I really love I'll buy several and save them. For example, jeans, if I find a pair I really love I buy several so I always have "new" jeans. I love jeans. A lot. Candles, those too. If I find one I love I buy lots for fear of them discontinuing the scent. Shirts, pants, you name it, if I love it I buy several. The latest is this sweater I saw it, loved it, bought it in three colors. Good thing I did cause they sold out of the super cute sweater in my store! My husband has it down, if I try and talk myself out of something he says oh honey if you don't get it now you'll kick yourself later, in fact buy a few. HA HA!

7b. I don't like washing pots and pans. I hate it so much David washes them for me. I'm not kidding. He's the best. That's why I married him. I knew I wouldn't have to wash another pot or pan again. I'll wash anything else, just don't do pots. Not sure why, just don't like it. Really don't like it. Pretty much hate it. Thanks babe for always washing the pots and pans. That's love people.

And now the peeps who get tagged. Some old friends, some new friends.

1. Christy cause she's a good sport, become a great friend, a wonderful encouragement and I look forward to her answers. :)

2. Sarah because she needs to update her blog so I'll give her something to write about.

3. Stacy my sweet friend who has always been a huge encouragement in our adoption journey.

4. Angela cause she's funny and I want to read about her quirks cause I know she has some. ;)

5. Elise because she is patiently waiting for her referral and needs something to blog about.

6. Julie because everyone wants to know about the randomness of the pastors wife right?!

7. Tammy cause she's quirky and fun and she'll like this.


Heidi Klopfenstein said...

I miss the beach too, we never made it this year- so sad! See you, this Saturday :).

Christy. said...

I DID it! I linked people and everything! I have never done that before. Although i didn't know how to change the color to indicate there was a link. I need help with that one. :0)
Go check it out!

Anonymous said...

ROTFL!! I could've named 7 quirks for you in about 90 seconds! I'm guessin' it's gonna take a while for me to come up with 7 for myself tho.... :D

Lauren said...

Hey - I'm with you on the one where you said you have to have things moved around and rearranged a lot. I'm like that too. I have to make sure my funiture stays light enough so I can move it when I want and where I want, LOL! :)

Also....do you seriously only eat brown and yellow M & M's? Gosh...if so....you can always donate M&M's at this house if they aren't yellow and brown. Never waste precious chocolate.....;)

Aimee- said...

I bought the same three shirts that you did!! :)

I am with you on buying a lot of something when you find something that you really like. I do the same! I am also the same with you on the pots and pans! Tommy does them!! Thank God for hubby's! LOL :)

Sarah said...

I SHALL BLOG!! I just have to think! These things take time you know, and time I never seem to have. But I do have to agree with dagit here in naming 7 quirks for you, so I'm guessing you could do the same for me. HA HA! What are friends really for!

Sarah said...

OH! and by the way you missed a quirk! YOU PACE when on the phone! Now everytimg I talk to you and I know your at home, I picture you pacing around your house burning a path in your kitchen to the hall, into your office back into the hall, into your living room, back to the hall again, and right back to square one in the kitchen. Thats why I love ya!

I Love Purple More Than You said...

Girl you are such a diva... you know the celebrities are picky about what color M&M's they eat, and they insist on only having those colors in their trailers. LOL. And I'm totally your twin with 7a & 7b. If I cook, Marshall does all the dishes. And I buy several pairs of clothing and in different colors... and when Yankee Candle discontinues my favorite candle scent... I will buy out the remainder of whatever they have in stock. I'm sick.

Brooke said...

Your list cracks me up! Love the M&M rule. So funny.

Aimee- said...

Sarah---you are so right! Erica cracks me up when she is on the phone! The pacing back and forth all around when you are on the phone. I always laugh. Its also funny to talk with you on the phone knowing that you are doing this and hearing you out of breath sometimes cause you are really walking and pacing away! :) LOL! We love you!! Actually I have to stop, because I have started to do it too! :) LOL!!

My Blessed Life said...

I couldn't figure out how to link oh well. Thanks for the tag it was fun, and thanks for tagging Sarah it was so nice to see her blog again. LOL!

Christy. said...

OK, I'm ready for you to put up a new and exciting post. I am sure great things have happened in your house this week.... :0) Cause you have NOTHING else to do!