Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oregon Part 3 - The Wedding

So this post is WAY over due but its taken me a bit to get all the pictures in one post and written and all that. So, for your viewing pleasure.......

The whole reason we went to Oregon. The wedding. Davids youngest brother got hitched.

Meet Jon. Jon married Amelia. Meet Amelia.

All of the kids and David were in the wedding. David comes from a big family. Seven kids, five of whom are now married. Can you say FUN family get togetherness?! Seriously, a blast.

So day of the wedding, everyone looks spiffy, lots of pictures are taken. Nichol was a candle lighter with my niece Trinity, Skyler rolled the runner down the aisle with my nephew Georgie, Olivia was a flower girl with my two nieces Anika and Kyra. Silas was a ring bearer along with Amelia's nephew. They all did a great job! End of the day, we gain a sister, the kids gain an aunt, and everyone lives happily ever after. Now for the super cute pics!

Uncle Michael and Silas - aren't they cute!

I may be a little biased, I do think he's the most HANDSOME little ring bearer I've ever seen!

Uncle Michael with all of his nieces and nephews. I love all their faces!

Uncle David and Auntie Kathy - don't you guys want ten kids already?!
Tutsa Masha - the Auntie with all the great toys!
Nichol and Trinity did a PERFECT job lighting all of the candles. Way to go girls!
Ladies waiting in their hair nets. Works GREAT at keeping the curls!

Auntie Angie and Uncle Steve! So fun to hang out with, Uncle Steve's a big kid with lots of video games!
Baboonya with her great grand babies - Dzeda didn't make it to the wedding due to his health.

And this is what we'd look like with ten kids! Oh yeah all over that one!

They are the dancing queens (and kings) and SO stinkin cute! Silas LOVED his aunts and uncles, especially these two crazies! :)
Little Livvy the bubble blower. Yes, her dress ripped right after the wedding.

Lovin' the hair!
Look at this handsome boy! He looks so grown up!

My beautiful niece Trinity.


Mom to many said...

Oh my goodness - so many kiddos in one wedding - EEEKSS! A photographer's nightmare (just kidding) I bet it was just a hoot! Thanks for posting them.

emily said...

10 kids look good on you !! :)

Blog Shmog said...

Fun! You guys all look beautiful! You look great for having 10 kids by the way. :)

I Love Purple More Than You said...

Love the pics! I'm loving all that hair!!! And most handsome ring bearer INDEED!!!

Christy. said...

Super cute pictures, I love the one of Silas alone with his little tux!
I agree that 10 kids is cute on you but oh man the laundry that would create would be icky! Just thinkin' in reality..... :0)

Steve and Aimee Walker said...

I bet the kids had a blast. Silas' hair looks great! He looks so handsome dressed up.

Anonymous said...

Good looking family, that's for sure ;) Beautiful pics as always!