Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lets Compare Hair!

Hair hair beautiful hair! Look at how much Silas' hair has grown?!? He's changed so much in his face, his eyes look so happy, he's quite the free spirit and his hair just "fits" him. Someone asked him recently if he wanted to cut it and he looked them square in the eyes and said NO I DON'T! Cracked me up! He's pretty opinionated and it doesn't just stop with his hair style.

Speaking of growth - his hair isn't the only thing that's grown! We went to the doctor last week and Silas has gained back what he was on our referral papers! He lost initially when we got home but now he's back up to 33 lbs. and 37.5 inches, he's grown 3.5 inches! He's thinned out quite a bit. I'm guessing its all that swimming he gets in every day.

February 2008

August 2008

We've had a lot of conversations lately and he's always full of stories, demands, and three year old funnies. Most recently his shoes. You can see the top of them in the last picture - David has always bought the kids their first pair of "Jordans" at birth. He's been on the hunt for the perfect pair for Silas since we came home. He finally found them. Silas thinks the sun rises and sets on his new shoes. It brought tears to my eyes to see his face when his daddy told him to try them on and his face light up when we told him he could wear them out of the store. He will tell you he can run SO much faster in his new shoes and thinks he needs to wear them every day, all the time.


Sarah said...

HA HA HA!!! Can't wait to watch him win a gold medal in the olympics. He best be wearing those jordans!!

megan said...

I love his hair! I think its quite handsome, I wouldn't want to cut it if I was him either!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE his hair! He's just stinkin' adorable!

God's Girl said...

So, so cute! I want to see him run in them.