Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Boys & Bunk Beds!

We've finally made the switch! The boys have been sharing a queen sized bed since Silas came home. They wanted to - it made Silas' transition easier, and Skyler was thrilled just to have a room mate. After six months its become clear that this arrangement needed to change. Silas was a bit of a snuggle bug and Skyler was over sharing a bed.

Bring on the bunk beds!

We love craigslist. We sell ALOT of things on there and have rarely bought. I knew if we waited long enough someone would want to part with the PERFECT bunks. Trying to be good stewards we waited. As you can see above God had the just the RIGHT bunk beds for us. They are a perfect fit. Double on the bottom for Skyler and a single on the top for Silas who can't WAIT for dad to get the railing fixed so he can sleep up there. Now that we know what size beds I get to buy bedding! YEAH!

Just for fun - we did some video of the boys this past week. Skyler - who'll be ten on Saturday has discovered he has some serious talent and can burp on command. Oh yeah - this mama is SO impressed. Watch - I'm certain you will be too. Boys.

Sweet Silas - the difference between a 3 year old and a 10 year old. He wants to pray at each meal all by his self he says. Better watch out - he's the eyes closed police too. Such sweetness.


Anonymous said...

Go Skyler GO! We are VERY impressed! :D

(Oh and sweet wittle Silas is adorable too. ;))

Shadley said...

awesome! we made the switch to "bonkin' beds" while we wait for our referral. We also got ours on Craigslist! Craig Rocks.

I love the pics of Silas, he is such cuteness.

Christy. said...

I have to admit that I laughed out loud at Skyler's burbing. Even he looked surprised at his last one...

I hope Silas will pray over our dinner next week!

Blog Shmog said...

Hey, we're looking into bunk beds too for the girls when number 3 comes along but I'm scared of my 3 1/2 year old sleeping on the top! What kind of rails will you be getting? I've been looking for a safer bunk but haven't had any luck. My girl is a mover at night. :)

LISA said...

Ok,Skyler can do that better than i can. But he had water!!!
I love Silas keeping check on closed eyes!LOL!
And Erica....guess who's gonna be brave next week! ;)