Monday, July 28, 2008

Silas, Hair, Swimming, & A Cool Clock!

So the kid is a hoot! He makes us laugh regularly and the smile on his face lights up a room! David has been taking the kids through some biblical worldview studies and Silas sits in for the conversation. David was asking the kids some questions on creation and giving them two scenarios asking who was right. Not missing a beat Silas said "I am"!

Hair. Wow. This boy has some serious hair. We want him to be proud of his hair, if he wants it long we'll have it long, if he wants to put it in corn rows or twists, that's great too. Course we've pretty much let our other kids do what they want with their hair, its just hair. If they don't like it. It'll grow. Silas has a pretty good fro going on. He loves us to comb it out and make different styles with it so he can dance around and show off his hair. Last night was no different. Its gotten LONG! Here's a few shots of our handsome boy.

And in his "Do-Rag" in an effort to lock in some moisture at night. Hint for the day - those cheap school book covers out everywhere right now? Yep - they make great do rags! Thanks to Silas' hair dresser for that tip!

Swimming. He's amazing. All the kids started swimming at three, we weren't sure how Silas would do but he has caught on so quickly he's even running and jumping in the pool now! See this cute video below.

You will want it! This SUPER COOL CLOCK! I'm ordering mine in the next couple days. When we re-did my office we made it a playroom for the kids. Its all done in classic colors & Ethiopian art, this clock on the left is PERFECT! Want your own? Check it out here.

Nichol has been sick - the poor girl. I was ready to take her in this morning but she woke up a bit better so we're guessing a virus that's running its course. We'll see as the week goes on.

The kids start school in two weeks! I can't believe their summer break is almost over. I love having them home, Silas is going to miss them terribly! We have been doing school shopping here and there and we'll finish it out this week. Crazy!


Nicholas said...

Oh man does that kid make me laugh!!! I love him!! He doesn't look anything like he did when he came home, wow! So adorable!

I think I'll be getting a clock too, those are the coolest! Great find Erica... hope your peanut is on the mend. :(

Amy said...

Our Silas' have very similar HAIR.... They really need to meet sometime and matching fro Hair shot needs to be taken! :) I have yet to try to "Do-rag" bit... His hair does get dry, so maybe I need to look into it. :)
When is your husband coming to OKC again????? You ALL need to come!:)

Aimee- said...

Ahh- Christoffer was reading this with me and this is what he said. "I know we didn't get Silas, but I am glad that they got him!" "He (Silas) is in a good family!"

I thought for sure that you would have ordered that clock already! LOL! :)

Villalobos Family said...

lol now that is a fro! lol

Sarah said...

I want to lock his hair again!! I love the fro, the do rag is the best though. Give nichol a kiss for me....and I like the italy clock! :D

Christy. said...

Oh my goodness, his hair is ADORABLE! I feel the same way about hair, each of the kids can pick how they want it. The girls' hair was super long and in December they had it cut off for Locks of Love. I have to admit, I was kinda sad to see it go but all for a good cause!
I am running around like a crazy woman today because it looks like Matt is going to come home from the hospital in the next few days. He will stay with us, along with his Mom who will take care of him, all temporary. I moved the girls into the spare room and then Matt and Mom will have the girls' twin beds. God is teaching me to be ultra productive. I hope it is so I can learn how to take care of 4 peanuts. :0)
Life is never boring!

Lauren said...

Please tell Nichol that I'm praying she gets better soon! AND we missed her on Sunday.

Oh and Silas' hair looks JUST like mine when I brush it out- LOL! :) How cute!


Blog Shmog said...

What a cute fro and do-rag! Love it!

Unknown said...

How cute is his hair!! Isaac still likes his short..we'll see as he gets older.

I love those clocks...too bad they don't have China...boohoo!!

btw...found my's yucky dirty but found it :) They just tiled the lobby at church and someone put the stroller behind the stair well.

Anonymous said...

Your family is gorgeous!!!! I love your sons hair..soo sweet!

Heidi Klopfenstein said...

Seriously, Silas is so darling!! Tell him "way to go" on the swimming, that is excellent! Love his hair, thanks for the tips, I know I will use them!

Christoffer said...

Silas is so cute. I am glad you guys have him.

I was wondering if I could have Nichols blog? I would like to keep up with her that way if I could please.

I can't believe that Silas swims!