Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This past weekend David and I as well as a few other 1/2 crazed youth leaders took a group of 33 kids to Anaheim California for a Purity Conference. This was the first of its kind and they did a SUPER job! I'm excited to see what they do next year!

Road trips are fun. The memories made are priceless.

Silas played the part of the little mascot very well. He did SUPER for the drive down there and back, he batted his little eyelashes and sweet talked his way into the hearts of everyone there. The kids love him so much and he did AMAZINGLY well! Thank you Le for keeping him for an afternoon, he had a BLAST! He keeps talking about "Auntie Le's house" and "shwimming".

I'm going to venture a guess even though our gas prices are high, not many people are paying this much! Can you believe this was the CHEAPEST I saw in Southern California?

We took kids of all kinds. But this young man, he's secure in who he is. He's hilarious. So fun to be around and even posed for this picture!
At the end of the trip we spent Sunday on the beach. It included worship and devotions on the beach. It was an AMAZINGLY beautiful day. Perfect weather. Thank you Heavenly Father for such a beautiful day.

I love these girls!

Troy says the surfing wasn't all that great. :(

As youth leaders David and I go on these trips anxious to minister, excited to see what God has for "our kids". We are blessed to see what God's going to do in their lives and to watch the spirit move is always a huge blessing for us to be apart of. It never fails, as much as we prepare to be available to minister its always the kids that bless us. We are so honored to be apart of this youth ministry. Thank you Father for the work you are doing in and through us.

On top of all of that this was Silas' first time at the beach! While we wished it would have been with all of us it just didn't happen that way. We loved being able to capture his first time in the sand, he wasn't so sure about it. He LOVED the water!

Thank you to our sweet friends who kept our other kids so we could go on this trip. Thank you Tammy, for keeping Olivia. I'm so glad she shared family secrets, complained about her brother, and let you know how I make food. (to those with young children, just know that they WILL tell all when your not around) I'm sorry she was such a picky pants! She had the time of her life!! Thank you Julie for keeping Nichol, she had such an AWESOME time with you, Min, and S. Thank you for keeping her despite the fact that I know you were so tired. Thank you Lisa and family for keeping Skyler, he had a SUPER time!! Thank you to my sweet friend Stacy for supplying me with a stroller, pull ups, and just moral support for Silas while we were there. You ROCK! Next time we are staying at your house girl! I miss you and feel like we didn't get as much time together as I was hoping. I'm thinking its time for a trip just to hang with you, Paul, and the kids.


My Blessed Life said...

Great pictures sounds like you all had a great time. Olivia was fun she kept us laughing the whole time. I am gonna have to have Nicol show me how to make Mac N Cheese with salt & pepper I hear it's the best ever.

Sarah said...

Love Love Love the pics! I'm so glad you guys had a good time. The beach sounds like fun!

God's Girl said...

I truly believe God is starting to move in a great way in many of these young adults' lives. Thank you for taking the time to invest in them!

Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! Fun, fun, fun to look at!

I Love Purple More Than You said...

Oh, you were SO close!! Though I'll see you in August. YES, the gas prices are so high, we never get to fill up the tank before the $50 automatic pump shut-off kicks in! And Seamus has the EXACT same swimming trunks!!! He just wore them today.

Unknown said...

looks like you guys had a blast at the beach! i missed saying good-bye to you :( we DEFINITELY need to get our families together...maybe we'll take a trip out there soon. paul keeps talking about a road trip...maybe to the grand canyon with a stop at your place :)