Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Visit From Some Special Friends

This past weekend we were so blessed to have Getu and his mama Leanne come from LA and stay with us. Getu and Silas were at House Of Hope together for several months before their forever families came to get them. These boys spent a lot of time together. Not only were the boys able to hang out but it happened to be Silas' little bio cousins 1st birthday party.

We attended that little party on Saturday at the AWESOME Train Park. Everyone had a FABULOUS time! Of course I took a ton of pictures. I only share the ones I have permission to post, let me tell ya these kids are beautiful! It was so incredibly precious to watch them all interact with eachother. Six of them are from the same agency/transition home and they all remember eachother. Truly only something God could do putting them all here in the Arizona/LA area. They have all been home less then ten months with sweet Mikaleigh being the most recent. Isn't she PRECIOUS? We were privleged to hang out with her in Ethiopia and pray for her forever family not knowing she was going to my sweet friend Erinn!!! She was such a teeny little thing back then, those HOH nannies chub them up nicely!

Sweet Ruhama came with us, her mom was checking out colleges for her big sister. I was so glad she still wanted to come. Silas loves Ruhama and she is the same age as Olivia which works out splendid! The kids had a GREAT time on the carousel, I love the joy on their faces, it truly shows how much fun they were having.

When not riding the train, carousel, or eating Sprinkles cupcakes the kids were playing on the swings, digging in the dirt, and just enjoying eachothers company.
Sunday afternoon we all met up again at a local outdoor mall to let the kids run through the water fountains while the adults hung out and chatted. We all had dinner before heading home with some seriously tired kids!
David is pretty proud of this picture. Yep, the boys got talent.

Graciela is Beth's older daughter who is an incredible young woman who loves these kids so much. She is a great big sister to sweet Ruhama and an amazing woman who loves the Lord. She's going to school in the Rockies this fall!! What a lucky gal!


LISA said...

Wow! What a wonderful time! It's nice getting to see how all the kids are growing, and see new little faces!I just love it!!Makes me really want my little ones!!

My Blessed Life said...

The picture of Nicole in her sunglasses looks just like David, it's the female version of him. It looks like you all had a great time thanks for sharing I love looking at the pictures.

Amy said...

Beautiful kids for sure! Looks like a great time was had by all..

gigglechirp said...

Whatta special wkend! Just thinking about so many children who were at the HOH seeing each other is wonderful!

Noelle said...

I am so happy to see the kids together. We had the privelege of meeting Getu, Silas and Ruhama when we were in Ethiopia. Getu and Silas were inseparable! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Annie said...

It's so cool to see all these children from the HOH together again. It warms my heart :) God is so good!!

Stacie said...

I'm jealous! :) Just kidding - but it sure makes me want to come visit!! The kids all look great - it makes my heart swell to see their smiles!