Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Best. Husband. Ever

I know my husband will turn every shade of red when he reads this but seriously. The man is incredible. He made my Mothers Day so amazing and memorable I have to gush on him a little. Besides I know his mom is reading and she'll be proud.

After church we all came home and David made brunch. I injured my back Friday night, thankfully my friends hubby is also my chiropractor. I made a trip over there for a quick adjustment. (thanks Louis) When I got home David was almost done with his menu of choice. He made YUMMY cream cheese stuffed french toast with strawberries, omelette's, sausage, and mimosas! MMMM!

As if that wasn't enough to impress this mama. David had the kids bring out my gift. Seriously people. Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my love for good coffee. I also have a rather large addiction to collecting Starbucks mugs. Yeah, bad. Those country mugs, state mugs? Yep, I collect those too. David found something so unique, I guarantee no one else has it. I'll treasure it forever, and the fact that he thought of this all on his own just melts my heart every time I look at it. I couldn't even begin to describe it to you so I've done it with pictures.

How cool is that?!? It is a Starbucks mug, he found it at some lone grocery store Starbucks and has never seen one since. Its REALLY REALLY neat! One of those sentimental moments for sure at this house.

Between my mug and the trip to the spa provided by my amazing in laws and my husband; this is for SURE one of my most memorable Mothers Days ever. Thank you honey for making me feel so special. Thank you Nichol, Skyler, Olivia, and Silas. You are the sweeties that make me a mom. I love you all so very much. You bless me each and every day.

Oh and don't forget to peek at the post below - I added a few pictures from Silas' dedication. Thank you Sarah for taking them for us.


LISA said...

Erica,He is a such a sweet guy.
I LOVE that the mug will hold the coffee you love,made by the ones you LOVE.

Sarah said...

awww! Thats so sweet! What great kids you have! Oh, and David, I want some of that yummy french toast!

My Blessed Life said...

I love the mug it's very very cute. David you did great. Happy Mothers Day my friend.

Anonymous said...

That mug is so cute! Love it! We were so blessed to share in Silas' dedication. God Bless you guys.

Aimee- said...

Super Sweet! Way to Go David!

We made photo mugs for my Mom for Mothers Day. 5 of them...one with Chris, then Nicc, Morgi, Jaxx, and the last one had a pic of Tommy and I both on it.

Happy Mothers Day! Bummed that we missed Silas special day!

Daivd, can I have the yummy recipe?!?

Nicholas said...

Husbands are so wonderful! Great job Mr. David S.!!!

Gurskes said...

HEY!!! Your last post on my blog said you are bad at keeping up on posting...well I suck MORE! Your children are sooo adorable and your husband is "the best" well beside mine that is :-) J/K we are both blessed girls!!

Hey what are the dates you are headed up here???? I'm planning my summer....dates are just filling like crazy (shoot me now!). But I wanted to make sure that we can see you guys...uhh I can't wait!!

Silas is so beautiful..Tell him I'm jealous of his curls, we had to have leuls cut off (well most of them) we had some dreads going on...thats how bad I SUCK!

Love you guys...HEY IT WAS LIKE 88 degrees here today HOORRAYYY!!


Mom to many said...

Great mug. I think it is adorable. What a great husband you have.

Annie said...

What a great gift! So glad you had such a perfect mother's day :)

Anonymous said...

I'm totally doing that for my mother-in-law. So cute!

Silas is just precious. It gets me so excited!

Deedra Lynn said...

That is so wonderful! Happy Mother's day, kind of late :o)!