Saturday, April 12, 2008

Guitar Hero Fans........

Silas loves Guitar Hero.

All the Shubin kids love Guitar Hero.

Coming this June. Not only a new Guitar Hero Game.....but a new Guitar Hero game featuring my all time favorite band!!!

Aerosmith Meets Guitar Hero!!

So excited.


LISA said...

Shawn and I love guitar hero!!! We will have to get this new one! And I notice in the preview of the Aerosmith GH, KANSAS CITY is shown!WOO HOO!!Although, I actually saw them perform in Wichita,KS.
I can't see the Shubin kids rockin' pics!! I'll look again later!!

emily said...

We are big guitar hero fans too!!

Have a great weekend.

My Blessed Life said...

Silas looks like a natural. How cute to see all the kids enjoying the game. I want to see Erica rocking out to Aerosmith please post that picture.