Thursday, March 20, 2008

First Post!

When I first started blogging I kind of thought it would just be about the adoption of our sweet son, a bit of an outlet for me and a way to connect with other families going through the same joys and struggles we were. Who knew we would meet such incredible people and that there would be a BLOG-UNION come August. Since our other blog is adoption dedicated pretty much, we've decided to archive it, eventually put it in book form and update it when the milestones hit. For everything else........the party's here.


My Blessed Life said...

I love the new blog. I can't wait to hear of the journeys the Lord will be taking your family on. God bless you all.

Amy said...


Love the new blog too... And you have a three columned blog too! Pretty sure I had to pay someone to do this for me....did you figure it out on your own? Teach me.

Aimee- said...

LOVE it! I as well can't wait to hear about all the woderful blessigs and journey's that are yet to come!

Anonymous said...

hi!! i found your adoption blog through CHI and have now followed you over here. you family is absolutely beautiful!!

we switched to ethiopia from vietnam a few weeks ago and we are VERY excited about the new path God is leading us down.

i'll be reading along :)